Multimedia Technology and Design with a Year in Industry, BSc Hons

(Graduating summer 2020 with first class honours)

MJP, or Millie Jay Powell - an overly smiley, 22 year old creative based in Kent. On this happy little corner of the web you can find out all about me, and how I provide creative services to small businesses and create a wide range of illustrated products.

Currently finishing my final year of my undergraduate studies at the University of Kent, I am now looking for potential full-time positions. With 3+ years industry experience in UI/UX, digital design, content production and brand identity, I am hoping to obtain a role within an exciting and forward-thinking digital or design team.

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Creative services for local businesses and start-ups

MJP Multimedia is my own creative agency based in Kent, and within it, I want to help make big business dreams a reality.

Whether you're after a fresh new brand identity, strong digital presence or innovative creative content to help promote your business, MJP Multimedia can help. 

Browse the links below to view the variety of client projects I have completed in each of these areas.

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Doodles, Typography and Prints

If you follow The Doodle Mill over on Instagram or Facebook, you'll know that I love creating illustrated pieces based on my favourite song lyrics, quotes I like the sound of, or whatever thoughts are going through my head at that moment in time - find some of my favourites below.

PlannaPages - Final Year University Project

After having had this project take over my life for the last few months, I am so excited to share the result.

PlannaPages is a concept build-your-own planner/journal product, for which I created the prototype designs for the range of pages that customers can choose from, an online e-commerce experience that can be used to build and purchase the product, and of course branding and visual identity along with content creation. 

You can read all about the project here or head to the website within the project itself here!