MJP Multimedia is a small* biz based in Medway, Kent specialising in all things creative and digital.

We care a lot about start-ups - whether it’s giving your new (or existing) business a new look and feel, getting you online for the whole world to see, or creating some super cool assets to grab your customers attention. 

We started up on social in 2017 and became official in 2019, and we used to do a lot of custom products and illustration - until this all moved over to our sister company, The Doodle Mill.

*okay, currently ‘one-person’ biz, but watch this space…

So who is MJP?


Millie Jay Powell sat on a chair

The brains behind MJP: Millie Jay Powell is a 20-something overly smiley designer/developer/dreamer, who decided she was not made for the corporate world, and wanted to do her own thing instead. 

She came up with the idea of MJP Multimedia in 2017 when she got bored of spending her time doing things she had no passion for (i.e, pulling pints in the local pub), and decided to pursue her love for all things creative. With strong interests in all areas of the industry she was unsatisfied with the idea of narrowing down on one area, and therefore decided to keep her skill-base varied - meaning she is up for taking on any creative challenge she’s faced with. 

Having freelanced here and there for the last two years alongside university studies, working as a social media manager for a year, and then carrying out a year long internship at Eurostar in Design and Production, she can now finally dedicate a decent amount of time to starting something of her own - and so here we are, with MJP Multimedia. 

An avid tea drinker, Millie will always be up to meet up and discuss your next big idea over a fresh hot brew - and she’ll be there even quicker if there’s biscuits on offer, too. Even quicker if you’ve got a dog. Always bring the dog. 

She also loves taking artsy pictures, so to keep up with Millie on her travels and boozy nights out, find her on instagram here

Or for more serious, businessy stuff, get in contact.